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3 Books You Should Read by the End of the Year

Posted by Karl on

With the e-book revolution still going strong, and print trying to fend off a full fledge attack from the first mentioned, it can be pretty daunting to clearly see which books are really worth reading. I am counting my jewels in low numbers, and I must say that I have kissed my fair share of frogs until I found what I was looking for. So you do not have to do what I did, I use this opportunity to tell you about three great books published this year that I absolutely think you should read, too.



The Noise of Time – Julian Barnes

When reality blends with fiction to offer the recounting of times past in a way that readers can relate to, a recipe for success is born. Especially if the said written prose is signed by Julian Barnes, the author who won the Man Booker Prize in 2011, and it is about the life of a Soviet composer, one cannot resist the temptation. The Noise of Time recounts the life of Dmitri Shostakovich, all his struggles with the Communist Party, and how the powers that be tried to force him into oblivion. Art prevails all, since this is what Julian Barnes tries to tell us with this enthralling book.



The High Mountains of Portugal – Yann Martel

I fell in love with Yann Martel’s writing when I read Life of Pi, the book for which Martel received the Man Booker Prize in 2002. Years later, during which the author wrote other books and his Life of Pi received a Hollywood adaptation, he intends to sweep us off our feet once more with a road trip style of novel, in which mystery, love, deceit and loss blend together for a more than palatable reading that will keep us glued to our seats until we’ll manage to finish the imagined adventure of a certain young Thomas.



Belgravia – Julian Fellowes

For those who do not know, Julian Fellowes is the name behind all the adventures gone through by the protagonists in the TV series Downton Abbey. The same love for high society seemed to have motivated Fellowes in his new enterprise since Belgravia intends to reveal the scandalous way of life involving protagonists living in 1840, in London. Before being turned into a book, Belgravia was serialized through an app that kept readers alert and clinging for the next episode. Just like Downton Abbey, Fellowes’s new book seems to have already found its audience.