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Choosing a cool crib for your baby

Posted by Karl on

It is always a better option to buy a crib for your baby before her birth. But with so many styles in baby cribs, it is difficult to make the right buying decision. Since it is the question of baby care, you have to be careful and must do an exhaustive market (online and physical) research before picking the right crib for your little one. In addition to the vital safety features, there are several other parameters you have to consider.

As a parent I consider these important features to look for while buying a safe and stable crib for your baby.



The size is one of the crucial factors that you have to decide before finalizing the crib. You have to take into account the space available in a room dedicated to the new member of your family. If you have a lot of space, you can go for a bigger and fancier crib. If you live in an apartment with a limited space, then you have the option to pick a space saving compact crib. Another option is to get a foldable crib. Narrowing down the size of crib will also help you get a rough idea about the price of a crib.


It is utmost pertinent to check the structure that underscores the quality of the crib. A crib needs a thorough examination. Do not hesitate to shake it, if necessary to check whether there are any loose joints or rattling in the crib. The material used should be toxin-free (check the specifications). It must not be sharp on edges and any pointing nails or screws.



Apart from checking the firmness of the frame, another parameter to check is the upper rails of the crib. The bars must close enough to keep the baby safe. At the time of teething, your baby may chew on everything she can lay her mouth on to ease her irritating gums. Many manufacturers offer cribs that are designed the cribs with teething rails. If you get one of such cribs, you will enjoy her teething age. But make sure that such crib rails are easy to clean and sanitize.



You should not go for ultra-soft or extremely stiff bedding. It should be comfortable for the baby to lie on. Get the mattress with a washable cover, so that you can keep it clean after a routine washing of this removable cover.


These are the essential features to evaluate different cribs. Happy parenting!!


I got an e-book reader!

Posted by Karl on



So now I have a reading bed pillow that has helped reduce my back and neck pains when I indulge in my favorite pastime namely, reading. However, holding a book, even if it’s just a paperback, can be taxing on the nerves in my hand.

I would often turn this way and that just to relieve the strain on one side, but unless someone discovers a way to do ‘aerobic reading’, where the muscles on both arms remain evenly sized, I am afraid the muscles on my dominant side (the right side of my body) would become flabby but flat because of how I lay reading on that side more frequently.

Then I discovered an easier way to enjoy my favorite novels including Catcher in the Rye, Pride and Prejudice, and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I found an ebook reader on Amazon!


Yes, an ebook reader! (Yay or Nay?)


My ebook reader, or simply an e-reader, could easily turn into my best buddy. It is able to hold hundreds of electronic books in a single small, thin, and lightweight package. Generally cheaper than its paper counterparts, my e-reader allows me to carry my entire book collection in my pocket while still opening enough space for an entire library of newly-released titles. Neat huh?

I have yet to see the day when printed books can beat that. What is even grander is how an ebook reader makes new titles immediately available for download on the very day of publication, and often before they even hit the shelves anywhere else in the world. It is as simple as finding an ebook, downloading it, and then enjoying the work within minutes with just a few clicks.

The download fees are much cheaper than what I would pay for the paperback equivalent. This has been what has converted me from being an ebook reader skeptic to a genuine e-reader believer. I might not enjoy the real feel of an actual book, but it is the written word that I am after in the first place.

Plenty of online bookstores abound, and I can even borrow titles from a local e-library using an exclusive app called Overdrive. My e-reader runs on a wireless network, in some cases a 3G network, for downloading ebooks.

The growth in the popularity of ebooks has led to the competition from the ebook software in tablets though, but my e-reader is not something I would trade for that system now and in the near feature. That is unless tablet ebook software would become a mind reader that knows instinctively when it’s time to turn the page so I would not have to do it myself.

My ebook reader comes with a modest 5-inch screen, which makes it superbly portable yet ample for displaying a digitized version of a printed book. The device is superbly light at just 8 ounces aside from being as thin as my own smartphone. I got it on Amazon for less than $100, and it was a steal because it was on sale then. Yes, Amazon is simply amazing!

What is even more awesome is the e-reader features a built-in music player although it is primarily designed for reading. Since I wanted tactile control, my e-reader has bars and buttons that I use to choose content or turn pages. Some models work via onscreen swipe. My e-reader allows me to purchase single issues or even subscriptions to newspapers and magazines. Overall verdict? Yay, of course!


Why I Bought a Reading Bed Pillow

Posted by Karl on

I am an avid reader, but one thing I really abhor, especially lately, is that my neck and back get seriously strained as I am spending a few hours reading. The bad news is that my eyesight does not get better, either, and all I am going through is the result of aging. The good news is that I bought a reading pillow and now all my troubles are over.




I could find no pillow to help me with my back pains

Before I went and bought a pillow specially designed for reading, I tried different solutions, and none of them worked. I tried stacking pillows one of top of the other, so I could support my back, but I ended up having pains in my neck, as well! The situation was just getting worse and worse and I had no idea what I could do. I tried to adjust my posture, but, soon enough, I was feeling tired, and I was seriously considering to cut my reading time, which, as you may easily imagine, could count as a small scale tragedy for me. I started looking around online and I discovered that something called a reading pillow does exist and it can help me with my predicament.




I got a large pillow and I picked a nice color, too

If you go around searching for a reading pillow like I did, you will discover that there are all kinds of models available. However, price can be an issue and there are foam wedges that can go as high as 100 dollars. I wasn’t sure that I was willing to spend so much on a pillow, so I tried for a cheaper version and I got a really nice large pillow that now supports my back without a problem. Another great thing about it is that I could get it in a color matching my bedroom, as well! It looks as if reading pillow manufacturers really care about passionate readers, such as me!




I take my reading pillow everywhere I go

I am so much in love with my reading pillow, that I cannot be parted with it. When I want to watch TV, I grab my pillow and move with it in the TV room. Even when I travel, I pack my reading pillow and take it along with me, because I am really serious about no longer experiencing the nasty back pains I was getting when I did not have such a marvelous item.