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What makes Fender such a popular brand?

Posted by Karl on


Founded in 1946 by Leo Fender, Fender Electric Instrument Manufacturing is one of the most popular brands of amplifiers and stringed instruments. The American company was created in California but now has its headquarters in Arizona.

So, if you’re interested in music and how to replicate the best sounds or creating new ones, I’m confident you are already familiar with the Fender brand. But what is it with these products that make them so great nowadays?


The most popular model

Electric guitars were only becoming popular back in the 1950s, so Leo Fender decided to take advantage of the new trend and introduced the first mass-produced solid-body electric guitar. The Telecaster or the former Broadcaster is still considered one of the most popular items manufactured by Fender.

A customized lap steel guitar made in 1946 for Fender’s friend, Noel Boggs, is credited as the company’s first product of FEIM, already spotting the “F” letter logo.

The owner of the company started experimenting with new guitar designs at the end of the 1940s, creating the famous shape of the Telecaster product. One decade later, by the end of the 1950s, Fender’s company already became extremely popular and profitable, hence being sold for 13 million dollars.


What does a guitar player need?

Deciding whether Fender is the right brand of guitars truly depends on what you’re looking for in such an instrument. The manufacturer offers a wide array of guitar and amplifier models according to your needs. The most affordable models, the Strats and the Squier Teles are perfect for newbies or people who play the guitar occasionally.

However, the company also offers sufficient models for virtuosos and professional guitar players. Each guitar can be customized to meet even the most demanding requests of clients, so it comes as no surprise that the prices of these items can easily reach 3000 dollars or more.

Fender guitars can also be modified according to the type of music you want to play. For instance, adding higher-gain pickups will turn a regular guitar into a musical instrument perfect for playing grunge, progressive rock, punk or metal.


What are they made of?

One particularity of these products consists of their solid wood bodies. Unlike most other companies manufacturing electric guitars, the ones produced by the Fender company are not meant to sound like the acoustic ones.

On the contrary, the brand embraced the differences and wished to create a new and original sound, specific for those who want to experiment with numerous musical genres and not just the regular folk, country, and pop.

The guitars are made of high-quality wood, including Hawaiian wood, to ensure high-gain amplification and a customized sound.