Why kids should learn how to play a musical instrument


We all know that learning to play an instrument can be quite difficult. However, if we were to start playing one from an early age, there would be a number of things we could benefit from playing an instrument.

Moreover, there’s also a thing called music therapy – or therapy through music, if you prefer it this way. This form of therapy can help children heal from certain illnesses, and not only by playing an instrument, but also just by listening to music.

According to a study, music does for kids more than just teach them to appreciate a good play. It has been shown that class participation and attendance have been influenced by music after some children started their music training.

In the following paragraphs, we will present you some of the reasons for which kids should learn how to play a musical instrument.


Improvement of social skills

Even if a child can learn to play a musical instrument alone, most teacher and music therapists place them inside a group of children – in order to work together on a song or such. This means that the children will have to interact with one another and eventually develop their social skills because of this.

Of course, we all remember what happened in High School Musical, where all of the introvert music passionate students eventually got out of their shell because singing or playing an instrument has somehow forced them to socialize with their peers.

Improvement of hand to eye coordination

We know that few people can just start playing an instrument, without reading any notes – however, that’s the case for experienced musicians, and not for children that have just started to play a musical instrument.

While playing an instrument, children will have to focus on multiple things at one time. First of all, they have to read the notes that lay before them; then, they are required to convert those notes into sounds with the help of a musical instrument. Moreover, in order to keep the pace, children will have to read multiple notes before playing them, so that they won’t stop on every single one of them.

This will improve their hand to eye coordination, as a lot of the thought process is required to play music after reading the notes that have to be converted into sounds.


Memory skills

While learning to play a musical instrument, children will begin to memorize some of the patterns in a certain song. We all know that we can remember lyrics much easier if we have a tune that accompanies them.

Because children will have to remember certain parts of a song, they will also learn to effectively create, store, and retrieve memories. This way, they will have a hard time forgetting what you tell them and will be able to remember what they studied at home faster – especially when asked a surprise question in class.